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Message from the Young Leader Leader

19 May 2015


My name is Michelle and I’m the District Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader).

For those who haven’t met me yet; my job is to organise the Young Leaders Training Scheme for all Young Leaders in South Derbyshire.

Young Leaders are 14-18 year old Explorer Scouts helping out in Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. They are extremely valued in the support they give to busy Section Leaders.

Young Leaders:

  • Teach Skills
  • Organise Games
  • Plan activities
  • Run events
  • Attend camps
  • Inspire, help and encourage
  • Have fun

I’m in the process of organising a training weekend to incorporate some fun activities along with some training modules. I’ll keep the calendar updated as I organise training sessions, and also the Facebook page I’ve set up.

YIS (Yours In Scouting)


South DerbyshireYoung Leaders Facebook Page